Productivity (continued)


The productivity world is changing. Increasingly the world is recognising that not all outputs are good - the outputs produced may include pollution and waste and a business' activity may impact negatively on local communities.

John takes the approach that we need to look at problems and situations through a number of 'lenses' - recognising that our stakeholders now expect us to look at social and environmental productivity in additon to economic productivity. We are now as concerned with stakeholder values as with stakeholder value!

If we don't take this wider view, we will eventually be forced to do so by compliance regimes ... far better to see this 'new world' of multiple productivities as an opportunity and take the initiative.

The future is always uncertain, but much of it is knowable and understandable. Great people, organisations and countries face their future head on - they attempt to understand it, and to plan for it. By doing so, they maximise opportunities for higher productivity.